January 2 -December 31, 2016



Sponsored by:

The Placer Pacers, AVA 686/CA 46

Sanctioned Event 73631

Stamp Number PA16/0034

 AVA Special Events

Honoring Law Enforcement


Classic Cinemas




Carnegie Libraries

Hooray for Hollywood


Start/Finish Location:             Flour Garden Bakery, 340-C Elm Ave, Auburn, CA 95603

Event Times:                           Daily:    M-Sat: 5am-6pm; Sun: 5am-6pm  

                                               Closed New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Walk may be done during daylight hours only..

Procedure: Look for plastic file box marked "Placer Pacers". Fill out a start card and sign the log. Take a map and have a great walk. When you return, stamp your books. Place start card and money in the start card envelope and place in locked box. If you ordered an award, please be sure your name and address are legible on the start card. Awards will be mailed. PLEASE DO NOT INTERRUPT STAFF IF THEY ARE WAITING ON CUSTOMERS OR ASK THEM VOLKSSPORT QUESTIONS.

Water/Restrooms: Available along the route and at Albertson’s.

Trail Ratings/Description: Rated 2A, the 10K route is over surfaced roads, and sidewalks.  The route goes through one cemetery (with a side-trip through the old historic one – not for distance credit) and both business and residential areas.  Because of high curbs, most of the route will be difficult for baby strollers, and do not recommend for wheelchairs. Dogs must be on leash, with cleanup.  The 6K route, also rated 2, does not go through the cemetery, but does pass by all of the “Special Event” locations, including the old historic cemetery..

Award:            Credit Only


Fees:                 Credit only                            $ 3.00

Walk only                               Free


Please have exact change or a check. Checks should be made payable to Placer Pacers. IVV books will not be available. However, there will be free "insert cards". You will need one for each type of book that you have. This event will take place regardless of weather.   No refunds.


Point of Contact:                     Jan Jerabek:  530-401-3219

                                                email:  theplacerpacers@yahoo.com


A Year-Round Event is map guided and may be done most days of the year (you need to check each specific event for any closed days).


Directions:   From Sacramento take I-80 eastbound, in Auburn take the Elm Ave exit.  Turn right at the light and .go over the freeway to the next light.  Turn right into the Auburn Town Center.  Flour Garden Bakery is on the right just past the Wells Fargo Bank..  From I-80 westbound, take the Elm Ave exit.  At the light, go straight into the Auburn Town Center.  Flour Garden Bakery is on the right just past the Wells Fargo Bank.


Disclaimer: Every responsible effort will be made by the sponsor to make this event safe and enjoyable. However, the sponsor cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen articles, accidents, or injuries of any kind.


What is Volkssport? Volkssport literally means a sport of the people. Presently, there are four basic types of volkssports: walking, bicycling, swimming, and cross country skiing. These are noncompetitive events designed to appeal to participants of all ages.  It is not a contest of speed -each participates at his or her own pace.   The volkssport philosophy recognizes that everyone cannot and should not attempt to compete in timed events; but, everyone can and should participate in some lifetime program for exercise. Volkssports events are not laps (except swimming in a pool) around a track or block; but, instead, strive for scenic or historical trails. The events are open to everyone.


Every person who completes the course is a winner and is eligible to receive that recognition designed for the event. This may be a patch, a medal etc. It may be for CREDIT ONLY, which means the event is used for an individual's IVV event and distance award. However, anyone may participate FREE.

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