January 2 -December 31, 2016




Maidu Park Walk


Sponsored by:

The Placer Pacers, AVA 686/CA 46

Sanctioned Event PA16/YR560

Special Programs 2016

Cities in song, Honoring our flag, city parks, you never walk alone

Start/Finish Location: Starbucks, 2030 Douglas Blvd, Suite 12, Roseville, CA .

Event Times:   Daily:    M-F  5AM-10 PM; Sat.  5AM-8:30 PM; Sun 5:30AM to 7:30 PM        Closed most major holidays.

 Walk may be done during daylight hours only..

 Procedure: Ask for the WALK BOX at the counter. Fill in the log sheet and sign, if you are paying a fee, fill in a start card and take a prepaid mailing envelope. Stamp your books and take a map/directions.  DO NOT INTERRUPT STAFF IF THEY ARE WAITING ON CUSTOMERS AND DO NOT ASK THEM VOLKSSPORT QUESTIONS.


 Water/Restrooms: Available along the way at the parks.

 Trail Ratings/Description: Rated 1A, the route is over surfaced roads, sidewalks and paved trails.  Most of the route is suitable for baby strollers or wheelchairs. Dogs must be on leash, with cleanup.

 Award:          none

 Fees:              Credit only                   $ 3.00

Walk only                      Free

 Please have exact change or a check. Checks should be made payable to Placer Pacers. IVV books will not be available. However, there will be free "insert cards". You will need one for each type of book that you have. This event will take place regardless of weather.   No refunds.

 Point of Contact:  Don Ratliff (916) 645-8280,

 Disclaimer: Every responsible effort will be made by the sponsor to make this event safe and enjoyable. However, the sponsor cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen articles, accidents, or injuries of any kind.

 A year-Round Event is map guided and may be done most days of the year (you need to check each specific event for any closed days:  


 DIRECTIONS: From 1-80 turn East (right heading east and left heading west).   Continue east past Rocky Ridge and turn right into  Rocky Ridge Town Center shopping center.  Starbucks is to the left of Sprouts.

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