Year Round 5 Km and10 Km Volkswalking Event

Avila Beach, CA

Sponsor: Placer Pacers Volkssport Club (AVA 686/CA 46)
Sanction Nr: YRE 1963
Location: Pismo Lighthouse  Suites                       

2411 Price Street, Pismo Beach, CA 93449



 You can only walk between dawn and dusk for safety reasons.  
Distance: 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) and 5 kilometers (3.1 miles)
 The route is rated by the AVA as a 1A. This means it is on paved surfaces and reasonably level. This walk is along the Bob Jones "City to the Sea" Bike trail and walkway. The actual walk starting point is about four miles north of Pismo Beach. please see directions on the walk instructions.
  • All travelers: Take US-101 to Pismo Beach in southern San Luis Obispo County, CA.

    From the south:
    *   Pass the Price Street exit and take the Shell Beach Road exit.
    *   Turn left under the highway.
    *   Turn left again onto Shell Beach Road.
    *   With the Pacific Ocean to your right, double back until you reach the hotel which will be on your right.

    From the north:
    *  Take the Price Street exit.
    *  Go through town, continuing until you get to the hotel  which will be on your left. 

Awards The Pooter Patches from years past are available as "B" awards. 
Fees: Ask for the "volksmarch book" at the customer service counter.  Every participant must register, sign the liability waiver, carry a start card, and turn the start card in at the end of the event.  Fees are:      
     *   "B" award $4.00     
     *   IVV/AVA Credit Only  $3.00 
     *   Participation Only - Free 
Note:  Awards are not kept at the start/finish.  They will be mailed to you at no additional cost.
IVV Credit: You are eligible for IVV Individual Achievement Awards program event credit every time you complete the course and pay your fee. .  Of course, you earn distance credit every time you complete the course. 
Miscellaneous: Water and restrooms are available at a couple of public buildings near the start of the trail.   Every reasonable effort has been taken to make this event safe and enjoyable for everyone.  However, the Central Coast Peregrine Pathfinders cannot be held responsible for any lost of stolen articles, accidents, or injury of any kind.
Weather: We won't try predicting the weather for your walk.  However, if you would like information on current conditions and a five-day forecast, visit the Buellton page on Accuweather.

Our Trail Master for this event is Carlos H. Gama, Jr.,   805-440-0144 (cell) e-mail

The History of people at Pismo Beach starts at least 9,000 years ago with the Chumash Indians, who referred to the area as a place to find pismu, or tar, to seal their canoes to make them ocean worthy.  Others say the Pismo clam gave its name to Pismo Beach.  The clams were once plentiful, but due to harvesting by humans and sea otters, the supply has been reduced and clam digging is rationed.  The City is part of the original 8,838 acre Rancho Pismo. Rancho Pismo was granted to Jose Ortega by Manuel Rinemo Goriod on November 18, 1840. Ortega is thought to have built a small adobe which later became part of the Price Adobe.  Back in 1881, Pismo's original wharf opened for business. Taking off from a point below the present Main Street, remnants of the pilings may still be seen at very low tides.  The town of Pismo Beach was established in 1891 in anticipation of the Southern Pacific Railroad and tourists.  Its founder, John Price, was correct, and today Pismo Beach has a thriving tourist industry. 

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Walkers from over 30 states have enjoyed the year round event (YRE) trails of the CCPP.  This trail opened on Jan 1,2008 and we hope will be enjoyed by all.

If you have questions or wish to find out more about our club or about volkssports, you can e-mail us by clicking here.


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